Our mission is to help reduce neonatal and maternal mortality rates and improve the health outcomes achieved at the clinics and hospitals we serve in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Principles

  • We will focus on serving community-based, non-profit “grassroots” health organizations
  • We will work with our grantee partners to Monitor, Evaluate and Enhance our programs
  • We will use 100 % of all contributions to fund our programs
  • We will listen to & learn from our grantee partners
  • We will work with "like-minded" collaborating foundations to help their grantees, learn from them and serve more of those in need
  • We will remember that our work is to serve our grantees and the communities they serve


The Gould Family Foundation was founded in 2007 by John & Debra Gould to help support their humanitarian initiatives. In June 2014 the foundation started the Fund for Maternal Newborn Health Clinics to improve access to quality healthcare for poor mothers, infants & children.

Helping the sisters serve the "poorest of the poor in the most desperate of places"

Internationally, the Gould Family Foundation supports the international mission work of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Together with direct donations from the Gould family since 1997, we have helped the Sisters build a school in Enugu, Nigeria, upgrade hospitals and clinics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and establish Small Family Farm programs in northwest Peru and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The Sisters serve the “poorest of the poor in the most desperate of places” and they do so with great kindness and effectiveness despite limited resources and extremely challenging conditions. We are honored to support their great work (www.sndden.org).  

Youth Mountain Adventure Program

‍Appalachian Mountain Club

In addition to our international work, we personally support the Youth Mountain Adventure Program (YMAP) that was founded by John Gould, in partnership with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), in 2005. The YMAP serves underprivileged, at-risk, urban youth between the ages of 12 – 18 by sending them to an AMC location for several days to participate in activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming, and canoeing. A winter program includes cross country skiing, snowshoeing and igloo building. In addition to positive outdoor experiences, teambuilding and leadership activities are core components of every YMAP. Experienced AMC instructors lead each program. The program is free to all participants. With help from matching contributions from individuals and corporations the YMAP served over 1250 youth in 2017.

Youth Mountain Adventure Program 2015


John Gould, Executive Director & Founder

John has over 30 years of successful experience in high technology sales, marketing and management. He served as VP Sales & Marketing for a high technology start-up that went public during his tenure and was owner and President of an international software distribution company. He has also managed international and domestic operations for two large, publicly held software companies and has extensive international business experience. John is currently Executive Director of the Gould Family Foundation, serves on: the Board of Directors of KOMO Learning Centres (an NGO focused on improving education and healthcare for the poor in Uganda) and the Board of Advisors of Design That Matters. He also continues in his role as Founder of the Youth Mountain Adventure Program with the Appalachian Mountain Club.


Project C.U.R.E.

Our primary medical equipment provider is Project C.U.R.E. Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. Project C.U.R.E. is the recipient of the GuideStar Exchange Platinum Seal, the Charity Navigator Four-Star Rating and is ranked by Forbes as one of the 20 Most Efficient Large U.S. Charities. We thank Dr. Jim Jackson, Founder of Project Cure and Dr. Doug Jackson, CEO of Project Cure for believing in our model and for founding and leading such an excellent organization. 

Project Cure – Build Health International (BHI): A “hybrid” procurement model: Each Project Cure (PC) project deliverable includes 50% medical supplies, 40% durables (exam tables, beds & mattresses, delivery beds) and 10% biomedical equipment. Our partners will typically require more than the standard 10% PC biomedical allocation for biomedical equipment.  BHI will serve as our biomedical procurement partner for the biomedical components needed by our partners but not delivered in the PC 10%.

Please see: projectcure.org.

Build Health International

Build Health International (BHI) is also a new equipment procurement partner. They will also provide design and construction support if required by our partners in the future. We are proud to have BHI as a core partner. Their extensive experience in equipping operating rooms, Neonatal Intensive Care Units and laboratories will allow us to complete more complex projects.

Background: Jim Ansara, CEO & Executive Director of BHI, previously led one of the largest design and construction companies in the United States. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, at the request of PIH and the Haitian Ministry of Health, Jim agreed to work full time with PIH to design and build a new 300 bed tertiary care teaching hospital, the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM).

After the HUM project, Jim and BHI, designed, constructed and equipped a “model” 80 bed hospital —St. Boniface Hospital in southwest Haiti.  Recently they added a new, two-level surgical center with three operating rooms and a ten-bed PACU at St. Boniface.

In addition to their work in Haiti, BHI has extensive experience in Africa and is currently working with PIH  in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Rwanda. Please see: buildhealthinternational.org

Segal Family Foundation

The Segal Family Foundation (SFF) was founded by Barry Segal in 2008. Since then, they have supported and developed over 200 grassroots organizations in sub-Saharan Africa. They are, simply put, the best foundation working in this space.

We started an important relationship with the Segal Family Foundation in Q2 2015 with a pilot project that involved the delivery and monitoring of 5 Maternal Newborn Health (MNH) PODs to 5 SFF partners. 5 of the 11 grants we made for MNH PODS were to SFF partners.  6 out of 7 our of our Clinic & Hospital Upgrade Program grants are to SFF partners. Why such a high concentration? They have done an excellent job in qualifying and developing their partners.

We are proud to have the SFF as our first collaborating foundation and to have the opportunity to serve their partners. For more information about the Segal Family Foundation, please see: segalfamilyfoundation.org.

Child Relief International

Child Relief International Foundation (CRI) was co-founded by Bonnie and Andrew Weiss with a mission to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty. CRI focuses primarily on health in sub-Sahara Africa. CRI is a member of Big Bang Philanthropy and funds organizations they deem poised to have an outsized impact — Last Mile Health, Hope Through Health, Project Muso, D-Rev, and Seed Global Health being among them.  CRI has recently helped us to complete the funding (along with the Segal Family Foundation) of two important projects in Uganda. We are proud to add CRI as our second collaborating foundation. For more information about CRI, please see: crifoundation.org.


ACODEV operates programs supporting Human Rights, Health & Institutional Capacity Building.  We are working with them to help improve the standard of healthcare available to the underserved in Western Uganda. They also provide local management and office space for our biomedical engineer.  We are fortunate to have ACODEV as a key partner in Uganda.

Please see acodevuganda.org.

ADAPTIV Architecture & Planning

 ADAPTIV Architecture & Planning partners with underprivileged communities to design resilient spaces that adapt to the ever changing needs of the community. Their design process is community centric and is focused on healthcare, education and community planning. They provide high quality architectural and planning services to emerging communities at affordable cost through efficient and innovative design processes.

Please see adaptiv.org.

  • Act as a Catalyst

    Connecting qualified,  community-led HEALTH NGOs with Project Cure & Build Health International for quality medical equipment and providing a source of funding for the equipment.  

  • reduce neonatal and maternal mortality rates

    Improve the quality of healthcare available at the rural clinics and hospitals we serve in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Clinic - Hospital Upgrade Program

    Providing prenatal screening , clean, safe deliveries and post-delivery care for mothers and infants in sub-Saharan Africa